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Mobile Simulation Games

Greatest Mobile Simulation Games

As you may well know there are a huge number of games available on mobile devices these days across a wide variety of gaming genres which are all aimed at obtaining your custom. One of the most popular types of game on offer these days are the simulation games as they offer the gamer one of the most entertaining and fun experiences when compared to other games on offer. Due to this genre being so popular we have decided that we should review and then list below the games that we feel are the best on the market in the hope that you will then be able to enjoy them as much as we have.

The top game we found during our reviewing process was Mega Mall Story which allows players to participate in the construction of and every day running of a high profile city mall. The game offers a host of features such as the ability to create towering skyscrapers and office complexes as well as many points of entertainment along the way. Gamers will find that this game offers a huge amount of entertainment with every decision causing effects on other parts of your projects. The mobile games graphics are very good all round but nothing special but it is the game play that more than makes up for this lack in every way. We found this game to be exceptional in every way hence our brilliant review rating of top marks for this wonderful game.

The next game from the mobile simulation genre that we just had to include is the Real Football Manager game which allows players to take the reigns of their favourite football teams and lead them to glory. The game itself is very simply laid out and easy to get to grips with all the functions set in an easy to use manner without the general over doing that you find in most games. The teams have all the latest players and formations and is incredibly challenging for those wishing to win at the highest level. The game is very entertaining throughout and you can do many tasks such as sort your clubs finances, buy players, sell players and take on advertisements to name a few.

If you are a football fan you will be sure to love this little gem as it is one of the best games of its type we have ever played.

The next game on our list but by no means least is Dogz 2 which is a game which allows the gamer to look after and teach a large variety of dog’s tricks and other skills as you try to grow your kennel houses. The game has very good graphics which really do make the dogs look as realistic as they could ever be and it is one of the most entertaining games we have had the pleasure to review in the past few years.

The final game we just had to mention is Miami Nights The City Is Yours as this is a very challenging but entertaining game which will be sure to have you captivated for hours on end. The game sees players charged with guiding their character to stardom as they attempt to break into the movie industry. Gamers will be required to lead their character into numerous challenges where they must do auditions for a host of small and large scale movies.

You will start off auditioning for bit parts and as you gain all the additional skills you require you will then find yourself participating in many large scale projects as long as your skills are up to the test. The game has slightly primitive graphics but these are more than enough for what you need within this game and they are not that bad compared to others in this genre. Where this game excels is in the game play as it is very smooth running and addictive so we are sure if you are a fan of this genre of game this will be one you just must have in your collection.

We have added some fantastic Mobile Game and General Gaming Resources below:

1. Google Play – The Official Website address is:

2. MSN Mobile Games – The Official Website address is:

3. Nintendo Console Games – The Official Website address is:

5. EA Mobile Sports Games -  The Official Website address is:

If you have any suggestions on additional Gaming resources for mobile devices, please email us to review them.

Poker Etiquette

Poker Etiquette

Like many games or sports poker has its own set of rules that should be observed in regards of the way players behave. All poker players who enter events such as tournaments and so on will be required to stay within the rules set within the game. If a player does not stay within these rules then they may find themselves being reprimanded or possibly being thrown out of the game.

The rules of poker etiquette are not much different than the etiquette involved in many other games with the players being responsible for maintaining a certain level of player safety and fairness within the game as well as keeping a positive atmosphere throughout the game. For home poker tournaments you will probably find that you may wish to offer certain items such as food and drink to your guests. One of the main forms of etiquette regarding this matter is that as a guest you make sure you keep the playing surface relatively clear and available at all times, also you should endeavor to not leave the hosts house in a mess and obviously avoid spilling drinks and so on.

As a guest you should always remain polite to other players and in particular the host as after all it is their house. Chatter should be limited within reason during the games as other players will need their concentration when pondering their next move. If you do feel the need to talk then you should refrain from swearing or criticizing other players as this can create an awkward atmosphere within the game. On occasions that you win a game of poker you should also remember to remain modest as bragging can upset some players.

When you are required to make a bet you should make sure you do not splash the pot as sometimes this can be considered rude by other players as well as the obvious disadvantage of making players lose track of the bets they have placed. Some players find it much better to announce their move as in some games their may be an amount of chatter which can cause problems when betting if the dealer does not hear them.

The BBC have a great article on the Great game of Poker, BBC Article on Poker as well as the famous Lady Gaga and the Song Poker Face are also available stories on the BBC Website.

When you have chips and cards that have been discarded you should endeavor to place them as far away from the dealer as possible so that they can not be confused with chips and cards that are still in play. When discarding cards you should do so at a low level so that the cards do not go flying around the table if they are dropped in addition to the obvious benefit f making sure the other players do not get to view your previous cards.

At the time of the showdown players should be careful not to mis-declare their hands as you may find yourself needing to ask the dealer or other players for their help. The best way to do this is to lay your cards down on the table and let the dealer work it out for you. You should always avoid rabbit hunting which is the process of asking which cards may have come up previously as this is always considered improper etiquette within poker games. These are the main rules regarding poker etiquette with most of them being aimed at good manners whilst at the table which provides a much more friendly atmosphere to all players involved.


Gaming User Profiles

When reviewing the Gaming user profile, It is wise to look at the age groups as well as the type of Technical appliace used in Game play in general.

Gamers form a large majority of this age group with eighty four percent participating in activities of this type on a regular basis. Many of this percentage would consider themselves heavy gamers with eighty percent of them stating they should not spend so much time involved with activities of this nature. Watching television is still the most popular entertainment option for this category but is closely followed by gaming. There are also more gamers who would consider themselves moderate players in this category with fourteen percent playing at least a few times a month. The number of female gamers has fallen also within this age group to just forty three percent which speculates that there are probably less games created for the various platforms which females find appealing. This category again sees consoles and PCs as the main gaming pastime for many people with seventy percent preferring consoles and sixty five percent opting for the PC platform.

Although the PC may not be as popular the overall gaming time experienced was slightly higher than consoles with an average gaming session duration being two and a quarter hours compared with the consoles two hours. Simulation games also took a hit within this group falling behind racing games with just a two percent margin of difference. With the boom in advanced consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the Play station 3 PCs were finding it hard to compete due to the fact that consoles seem to be much easier to use and also eliminate the need for high end graphics cards which are required for many highly detailed games. Gaming User Profiles are a useful statisic in gauging age groups of gaming in general.

The location gamers choose to play has again changed dramatically within this group with most game play taking place in the bedroom. Consoles contributed fifty nine percent of bedroom gaming activity with PCs having a forty nine percent use and the handhelds coming in with sixty four percent. The number of people playing consoles within their living room was fifty percent, PCs thirty three percent and handhelds forty five percent. Gaming on the move has not changed in virtually any way with sixty percent still opting to play handheld platforms on their travels. Consoles only had three percent of the votes with PC gaming being a miniscule one percent. Another location that has not changed in any real way is friends and families houses where twenty five percent play consoles, twelve percent play handhelds and only nine percent play PC orientated games.

Gaming patterns at college are a new addition to this age group with fifteen percent playing handhelds, fourteen percent playing on the PC platform and two percent using a console at college. Another addition to this category is gaming at work, there were no consoles played at this location but sixteen percent of all asked said they played handheld games at work with nine percent stating they indeed played PC games in the workplace.

Most of the available technology was owned by this category with the thought being many of the people who fall in to this age group could independently afford to purchase items of this type without the need of parents. Mobile phones were owned by a huge ninety nine percent with ninety one percent of them owning a PC. Eighty eight percent owned a DVD player, seventy five percent owned a games console with sixty five percent owning and using a digital camera on frequent occasions. Thirty nine percent were in possession of an mp3 player and thirty one percent owned a handheld gaming device.

We asked all in this category what they thought there favorite PC function was and eighty five percent stated instant messaging while seventy four percent preferred storing digital photos on their PC. Seventy percent of people asked most popular function was to download music, watching a DVD saw a fifty six percent mark and forums and chat rooms counted a percentage of fifty three. Storing digital photos online was preferred by forty nine percent with downloading movies being thirty eight percent.

People’s most desirable mobile phone functions within this category were found to be ninety nine percent preferred the text service, seventy percent loved their mobile phone games and MMS messaging was liked by forty percent. Visiting WAP sites counted thirty nine percent, downloading ring tones thirty seven percent, receiving text info twenty nine percent and finally twenty seven percent liked the act they could play music on their phones.

In regard to the frequency spent playing these various types of gaming platforms we can see that there is a much less volume of people who are inclined to play each and every day. Handheld devices have thirteen percent of gamers playing each day, seventeen percent playing three to six times per week eighteen percent playing one to three times per week with fifty two percent only playing several times a month with an average gaming session time of one hour. Console frequency saw seventeen percent playing each day, twenty five percent playing three to six times per week, fifteen percent playing one to three times per week with forty three percent gaming several times a month with an average gaming session time of two hours. PC gaming saw the highest result with twenty six percent playing each day, thirty six percent playing between three and six times a week, eighteen percent gamed one to three times per week and twenty percent playing several times per month with an average gaming session of two hours and twenty minutes.

Digital television games saw a large decline within this age group as only three percent would play each day, seven percent playing three to six times per week, twenty seven percent gamed one to three times per week with sixty three percent opting to play several times a month with an average gaming session of one hour twenty minutes.


The most popular gaming devices owned by the people surveyed saw virtually no change apart from the addition of various types of platform. Play station 3 consoles were still the most popular with seventy percent of people asked owning one, sixty eight percent owned a PC, forty one percent owned a mobile phone and thirty four percent were in possession of an Xbox. The Play station 2 was still owned by twenty four percent of gamers, the Nintendo GameCube and DS were owned by nineteen percent and eight percent respectively with the game boy being sixteen percent of gamers favorite pastime. Digital television came in with sixteen percent with the Nokia, Sega Dreamcast ( Now Discontinued) and Sony PSP being owned by six percent, four percent and three percent respectively.

The Team at Y8xGames would very much like to hear from our readers on any Funny Stories regarding Gaming in general, with offline and online games, Flash, Funny, New, Methods or any other type of Gaming experience.

Mobile Gaming Developments

The Gaming Industry has been developing in the UK at a staggering pace with an array of exciting and indeed innovative types of games. The Mobile gaming developments have been equally as fast in there usage by UK Gamers, most especially via handheld devices.

We have been carefully monitoring the gaming market for several years, as well as identifying the growing sectors within it. The conclusion is not as clear cut as one might believe, as online gaming companies often dont share this data, especially due to the high sensitivity of there clients. We have taken a sample of age groups as well as resourcing material from a large selection of Gaming magazines and UK based Newspapers, in our effort to offer a “One Off” Review of the gaming industry and the developments within.

Defining the Type of Player: The Definition we have adopted for the term player / gamer is someone who has undertaken and or played a Game on a Console, PC, Laptop, Mobile, Television and a Mobile phone. This has allowed our research team the ability to identify both Frequent and Light usage users of games in general.

The age group we have resourced from ranges from the age of eight to seventy ensuring a thorough review of the age demographic.

Defining the Usage of the game players:

The brief we have utilised was set to ensure we allowed for a concise average game length time, of which would then offer the perfect time span for players in general, most especially ensuring that this factor along with the “Age Type” of the player would ensure a comprehensive and useful review and conclusion.

The Level we have set for Game Play Usage is as follows:

1. Every day usage

2. Once per week usage

3. Twice per week usage

4. Once per month usage

5. Once per two month period.

6. Once per annual period.

The above Game Play Usage terms of reference have ensured we have covered the main criteria of our bespoke Gaming Sector review, based also on the results we achieved after resourcing the correct material from our sample of the public.

We were also very keen to gain a firmer understanding of the Types of games that were being played online and also offline, as this allowed us to set aside two additional parameters to our Research project. The percentage of age groups indentified, detail the usage elements as well, they are as follows:

1. Eight to Ten year olds – 100% Played Games. ( The UK Averages taken from the relevant Magazine resources, details that 4 Million people meet the criteria in the UK alone)

2. Eleven to Sixteen year olds – 96% Played games. ( The UK figure for this age group is estimated at 4 Million approx)

3. Sixteen to Twenty Four – 80% Played games. ( The UK figure for this age group stands at 5.2 Million)

4. Fifty Year olds to Eighty year olds. ( This figure is the largest, in addition it also represents the large element of age group) Over 65% of this age group play games, our of approx 8 Million people within this demographic.

The Total amount of general Game players in the United Kingdom is over 30 Million, which really is quite staggering. This figure takes into account the age groups not covered with the parameters of our bespoke review,  however identifies just how large this market place is. In relation the a World Study, this would take at least 6 Months to complete and we are confident would be very similair to the UK, with the exception of some Coutries with limited resources within the World.

The research for the Amount of Time spent playing games, has also been identifed along side the aforementioned review, ensuring a tight and concise review and conclusion can be achieved.

It is estimated that approx 48% of the Game players play at least once per week, with over 30% playing daily. The totals for minimal game playing of which is annually once per year, stands at a much lower figure of 5% of the entire researched demographic.

Although this research doesnt cover Gaming in general Online, it does however show a true figure of the Potential of Online Gaming in general. The older generation may not have Internet Access, as well as also not having Consoles and mobiles that are equipped to undertake gaming. This will change as the Technology changes and can only increase as the World population and world generations move forward year upon year.

We will be completing more indepth research in this area over the next few weeks, and would relish the opportunity of our Readers thoughts on this area of the gaming sector.

Poker Gaming

Online Poker Gaming

Online poker is one of the fastest growing gaming options available on the internet today. With more and more online casinos promoting and offering the service poker online has become the most played games available today. Many casinos offer a free download service of their software which is supplied from a secure location on their servers which eliminates the risk of your computer being infected by unwanted elements such as viruses or malware.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software you will be able to log in to the casino you have chosen and begin to play. You will of course need to make a deposit into your account so you have funds to spend in your games, this element of online play used to make many players worry about putting their card details into the system due to hackers and so on but with the evolution of technology these worries have all but been eliminated. Once inside the game room lobby you will find various tables available for you to join in the game with each of them showing you the table limits on betting and also the capacity of players of that table and also how many players are in the game currently. Yahoo have a selection of Card Games that are Free to play, these we recommend.

Most casino game software packages have great graphics these days which makes the game much more pleasurable than when the idea was first implemented. Once you have made a deposit and you have decided which game you would like to join you will then click through and join the table. You will then be free to participate in the next available hand and play the game as usual.

There is no difference in playing poker online than playing it physically as the rules and all other elements are the same. The key advantage of playing poker online is that unlike physical poker games you do not have to perfect the art of bluffing or keeping a straight face as you never actually see any other player. This method does have its critics though who like to push the conspiracy theory that if you cannot see the players you are against then how do you know that they are infact real? Many people believe the actual casino will be using bots to act as players and take the numerous proceeds of the built up pot but this theory is probably quite far from the mark due to online casino regulations which are in place to stop this ever happening.

One additional concern many people have with playing this and other casino games online is what if your internet connection drops when you are in the middle of a game? The answer is quite simple as when this happens the casino knows this and if they feel it is a genuine loss of connection will refund the funds back into your account. Of course you always have the people who like to attempt to cheat the system and try to get away with this when they have bet too much on a single hand in the hope the other players were bluffing but the further the game goes along they then realize that this may not be the case so use the loss of connection excuse to get their money back, the casinos are not that gullible and may let you get away with it once or twice but no more than this.

In summary the online gaming experience of playing poker is rising in popularity each and every day and with world famous poker players now supporting the online version of their game the future of poker online is looking even better.

Online Bingo Games

Online Bingo
Bingo for many years has been a favorite pass time for a large chunk of the world population. The actual game of bingo dates back to the early 1500`s and has risen in popularity ever since. Historically bingo was always played in large smoky bingo halls where you would have a large amount of seats and a bingo caller who would announce the numbers that have been drawn. Now though with the ever expanding limits of technology bingo is now available for all to play in an online version.

All the top online casinos are now offering bingo lovers the chance to play their favourite game from home. Playing bingo online is no different than playing it at your local bingo hall apart from the obvious fact that you do not have to actually be there. Other websites also offer Free play Bingo, like Yahoo,

When you sign up to any of the various sites where it is available you will be given the option to deposit funds for your future games, you do not always need to deposit money to play the game as many online bingo vendors are now offering their players the chance to practice playing on their site by offering free play options, of course you can not win any money like this but it is a good way for you to get a grip of how it all works before you plough your hard earned money into the game. Once you have decided that you are happy to play for real you will then deposit funds into your account and join one of the various games that you see in front of you.

On entering the game you will receive your bingo card which will generally come to you in a pop up window format, in the pop up window you will find the various elements needed for your next game. These elements consist of your card faces stating your designated numbers, you will usually get three card faces per game. You will see the current amount of players who are involved in the game and also the most recent number called and a tote board with all previous numbers called within that game.

Many casinos offer a chat room feature which brings the feel that you are not alone in the game. Once the game commences the casinos number generator will start to process numbers in the same way as it would have been done in the traditional physical game, players then must click the matching number on their own cards in an attempt to match all the numbers called with their own. Once this has been done and all numbers are matched then the player has Bingo. Matching all the numbers on your card with what has been drawn is called `house` but you can also seek to fill all four corners or just straight lines of numbers but house is what always wins the biggest prize.

The way the internet has emerged in respect of increased bandwidth and security has been a great advantage for all online games but you must choose the site you are wishing to play on well as if you use various slow loading sites without knowing in advance then you may not enjoy the experience. Bandwidth of a site may also come into effect if there are too many players using the site at peak times which again could cause a loss in bandwidth but with most of the larger and well known sites this is not usually a problem. In summary if you love bingo and would like to experience it from the comfort and security of your own home then fear not as online bingo is now available 24/7 at the touch of a button.