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Mobile Simulation Games

Greatest Mobile Simulation Games

As you may well know there are a huge number of games available on mobile devices these days across a wide variety of gaming genres which are all aimed at obtaining your custom. One of the most popular types of game on offer these days are the simulation games as they offer the gamer one of the most entertaining and fun experiences when compared to other games on offer. Due to this genre being so popular we have decided that we should review and then list below the games that we feel are the best on the market in the hope that you will then be able to enjoy them as much as we have.

The top game we found during our reviewing process was Mega Mall Story which allows players to participate in the construction of and every day running of a high profile city mall. The game offers a host of features such as the ability to create towering skyscrapers and office complexes as well as many points of entertainment along the way. Gamers will find that this game offers a huge amount of entertainment with every decision causing effects on other parts of your projects. The mobile games graphics are very good all round but nothing special but it is the game play that more than makes up for this lack in every way. We found this game to be exceptional in every way hence our brilliant review rating of top marks for this wonderful game.

The next game from the mobile simulation genre that we just had to include is the Real Football Manager game which allows players to take the reigns of their favourite football teams and lead them to glory. The game itself is very simply laid out and easy to get to grips with all the functions set in an easy to use manner without the general over doing that you find in most games. The teams have all the latest players and formations and is incredibly challenging for those wishing to win at the highest level. The game is very entertaining throughout and you can do many tasks such as sort your clubs finances, buy players, sell players and take on advertisements to name a few.

If you are a football fan you will be sure to love this little gem as it is one of the best games of its type we have ever played.

The next game on our list but by no means least is Dogz 2 which is a game which allows the gamer to look after and teach a large variety of dog’s tricks and other skills as you try to grow your kennel houses. The game has very good graphics which really do make the dogs look as realistic as they could ever be and it is one of the most entertaining games we have had the pleasure to review in the past few years.

The final game we just had to mention is Miami Nights The City Is Yours as this is a very challenging but entertaining game which will be sure to have you captivated for hours on end. The game sees players charged with guiding their character to stardom as they attempt to break into the movie industry. Gamers will be required to lead their character into numerous challenges where they must do auditions for a host of small and large scale movies.

You will start off auditioning for bit parts and as you gain all the additional skills you require you will then find yourself participating in many large scale projects as long as your skills are up to the test. The game has slightly primitive graphics but these are more than enough for what you need within this game and they are not that bad compared to others in this genre. Where this game excels is in the game play as it is very smooth running and addictive so we are sure if you are a fan of this genre of game this will be one you just must have in your collection.

We have added some fantastic Mobile Game and General Gaming Resources below:

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If you have any suggestions on additional Gaming resources for mobile devices, please email us to review them.

New Mobile Games

Great New Mobile games for android

With the new technologies available in today’s market place you can quite easily transform your latest smart phone into a portable and pocket sized gaming console with many of the interesting games available on the android format. One of the key factors for this is the ability to use the touch screen and various sensors that provide this gaming entity with one of the best useable experiences around. The Android is ever growing and fast becoming one of the best mobile gaming resources available today with thousands of title for sale over a broad spectrum of genres.

This of course was not always the way as for a long period of time android had to make do with only using ripped off and generally incomplete games which of course could never compare to the games available on other platforms such as the Iphone or Blackberry. One of the key reasons android saw great success even though these factors were in place was that it was considerably cheaper than its counterparts and was available in many different types of price range which in turn saw them receive more sales from various types of customer. There are many places where you can devlop Apps for mobile phones ones such resource is

Over the past couple of years the android phone has progressed considerably in terms of quality and gaming and there are now thousands of top end games available to all of its users and the selection just keeps growing from day to day. With all this in mind I have written this article to discuss four of what I consider of the best games that are currently available on the android platform. The first of these is the Angry Birds game which has become one of the most popular releases on the market. Angry Birds is a smart puzzle based game that has some of the smoothest graphics around, the game itself sees the player firing slingshots at the evil pigs as you attempt to keep safe their eggs. The next game I would like to mention is cut the rope. With mobile casino games also being used on the mobile phone, it has become some wht of a trend, with new uesrs joining almost every minute of the day. We recommend our readers review a new and up and coming mobile games provider.

Cut the rope is an addictive and fun puzzle game where your objective is to feed various types of candy to a furry monster by cutting a wide array of ropes. The third game I would like to recommend is drag racing which sees you participate in one of the best racing games available on any smart phone. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of high performance cars to use as you attempt to beat the AI times to become champion. This game also offers an excellent multi player option so you can race for hours upon end against you friends. Other games such as Poker and Bingo Games are being played by a range of game players around the world, most especially on mobile phones.

The final game I would like to recommend is speed x 3d which requires you to use the tilt facility on your mobile device to race though various tunnels whilst avoid the dangerous hazards along the way. You will continue to race and increase your scores indefinitely until you have the unfortunate luck to crash into any of the obstacles which will then end your game. These are the four best games I have found available on the android and have spent hours upon hours playing these intensely so I hope you will be able to achieve the same amount of satisfaction as me when you decide to play them.