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  • Mobile Game Discussions for 2015 - 2016 and Beyond...... Great New Mobile games for android With the new technologies available in today’s market place you can quite easily transform your latest smart phone into a portable and pocket sized gaming console with many of the interesting games available on the android format. One of the key factors for this is the ability to use the touch screen and various sensors that provide this gaming entity with one of the best useable experiences around. The Android operating system is ever growing and fast becoming one of the best mobile gaming O/S's available today. This of course was not always the way as for a long period of time android had to make do

    Aug 17,
    - by gameditor
  • Greatest Mobile Simulation Games As you may well know there are a huge number of games available on mobile devices these days across a wide variety of gaming genres which are all aimed at obtaining your custom. One of the most popular types of game on offer these days are the simulation games as they offer the gamer one of the most entertaining and fun experiences when compared to other games on offer. Due to this genre being so popular we have decided that we should review and then list below the games that we feel are the best on the market in the hope that you will then be able to enjoy them as much as we have. The

    Feb 18,
    - by gameditor