Mobile Gaming Developments

The Gaming Industry has been developing in the UK at a staggering pace with an array of exciting and indeed innovative types of games. The Mobile gaming developments have been equally as fast in there usage by UK Gamers, most especially via handheld devices.

We have been carefully monitoring the gaming market for several years, as well as identifying the growing sectors within it. The conclusion is not as clear cut as one might believe, as online gaming companies often dont share this data, especially due to the high sensitivity of there clients. We have taken a sample of age groups as well as resourcing material from a large selection of Gaming magazines and UK based Newspapers, in our effort to offer a “One Off” Review of the gaming industry and the developments within.

Defining the Type of Player: The Definition we have adopted for the term player / gamer is someone who has undertaken and or played a Game on a Console, PC, Laptop, Mobile, Television and a Mobile phone. This has allowed our research team the ability to identify both Frequent and Light usage users of games in general.

The age group we have resourced from ranges from the age of eight to seventy ensuring a thorough review of the age demographic.

Defining the Usage of the game players:

The brief we have utilised was set to ensure we allowed for a concise average game length time, of which would then offer the perfect time span for players in general, most especially ensuring that this factor along with the “Age Type” of the player would ensure a comprehensive and useful review and conclusion.

The Level we have set for Game Play Usage is as follows:

1. Every day usage

2. Once per week usage

3. Twice per week usage

4. Once per month usage

5. Once per two month period.

6. Once per annual period.

The above Game Play Usage terms of reference have ensured we have covered the main criteria of our bespoke Gaming Sector review, based also on the results we achieved after resourcing the correct material from our sample of the public.

We were also very keen to gain a firmer understanding of the Types of games that were being played online and also offline, as this allowed us to set aside two additional parameters to our Research project. The percentage of age groups indentified, detail the usage elements as well, they are as follows:

1. Eight to Ten year olds – 100% Played Games. ( The UK Averages taken from the relevant Magazine resources, details that 4 Million people meet the criteria in the UK alone)

2. Eleven to Sixteen year olds – 96% Played games. ( The UK figure for this age group is estimated at 4 Million approx)

3. Sixteen to Twenty Four – 80% Played games. ( The UK figure for this age group stands at 5.2 Million)

4. Fifty Year olds to Eighty year olds. ( This figure is the largest, in addition it also represents the large element of age group) Over 65% of this age group play games, our of approx 8 Million people within this demographic.

The Total amount of general Game players in the United Kingdom is over 30 Million, which really is quite staggering. Extra data can be shared on the official Director EE profile This figure takes into account the age groups not covered with the parameters of our bespoke review,  however identifies just how large this market place is. In relation the a World Study, this would take at least 6 Months to complete and we are confident would be very similair to the UK, with the exception of some Coutries with limited resources within the World. More related resources can be viewed here on the Official Storify profile page.

The research for the Amount of Time spent playing games, has also been identifed along side the aforementioned review, ensuring a tight and concise review and conclusion can be achieved. We will also be adding more technical data on the Y 8 X Games Slide Share page, offering a more comprehensive overview.

It is estimated that approx 48% of the Game players play at least once per week, with over 30% playing daily. The totals for minimal game playing of which is annually once per year, stands at a much lower figure of 5% of the entire researched demographic. More details can be located on the Favstar page for Y 8 X Games as well as the official Scoop page for Y8X games.

Although this research does not cover Gaming in general Online, it does however show a true figure of the Potential of Online Gaming in general. The older generation may not have Internet Access, as well as also not having Consoles and mobiles that are equipped to undertake gaming. This will change as the Technology changes and can only increase as the World population and world generations move forward year upon year. More details on our company profile can be found here on Foursquare.

We will be completing more indepth research in this area over the next few weeks, and would relish the opportunity of our Readers thoughts on this area of the gaming sector.