Online Bingo Games

Bingo for many years has been a favorite pass time for a large chunk of the world population. The actual game of bingo dates back to the early 1500`s and has risen in popularity ever since. Historically bingo was always played in large smoky bingo halls where you would have a large amount of seats and a bingo caller who would announce the numbers that have been drawn. Now though with the ever expanding limits of technology bingo is now available for all to play in an online version.

All the top online casinos are now offering bingo lovers the chance to play their favourite game from home. Playing bingo online is no different than playing it at your local bingo hall apart from the obvious fact that you do not have to actually be there. Other websites also offer Free play Bingo, like Yahoo,

When you sign up to any of the various sites where it is available you will be given the option to deposit funds for your future games, you do not always need to deposit money to play the game as many online bingo vendors are now offering their players the chance to practice playing on their site by offering free play options, of course you can not win any money like this but it is a good way for you to get a grip of how it all works before you plough your hard earned money into the game. Once you have decided that you are happy to play for real you will then deposit funds into your account and join one of the various games that you see in front of you.

On entering the game you will receive your bingo card which will generally come to you in a pop up window format, in the pop up window you will find the various elements needed for your next game. These elements consist of your card faces stating your designated numbers, you will usually get three card faces per game. You will see the current amount of players who are involved in the game and also the most recent number called and a tote board with all previous numbers called within that game.

Many casinos offer a chat room feature which brings the feel that you are not alone in the game. Once the game commences the casinos number generator will start to process numbers in the same way as it would have been done in the traditional physical game, players then must click the matching number on their own cards in an attempt to match all the numbers called with their own. Once this has been done and all numbers are matched then the player has Bingo. Matching all the numbers on your card with what has been drawn is called `house` but you can also seek to fill all four corners or just straight lines of numbers but house is what always wins the biggest prize. Check out the latest Behance designs for Y8X Games here.

The way the internet has emerged in respect of increased bandwidth and security has been a great advantage for all online games but you must choose the site you are wishing to play on well as if you use various slow loading sites without knowing in advance then you may not enjoy the experience. Bandwidth of a site may also come into effect if there are too many players using the site at peak times which again could cause a loss in bandwidth but with most of the larger and well known sites this is not usually a problem.  Check out the Y8X Games videos on Dailymotion.

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